twig twig is a music project by zubin hensler

he makes the albums at home

there are three released

for shows, he likes to have friends come and play

the live performance has become an evolving process of musical and social experimentation

past live collaborators include: Maggie Segale, Madelyn Eltringham, The Westerlies (Riley Mulherkar, Willem de Koch, Andy Clausen), Jason Burger, Raphael Peterson, Kristina Teuschler, Lea Fulton, Jesse Kranzler, Max Jaffe, Ryan Weiner, Renata Zeiguer, and Michael Sachs. The list will hopefully continue to grow.

say hello on social media: facebook // instagram // twitter

say hello with email: heytwigtwig (at) gmail.com // parachutepublicity (at) gmail.com

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