Impose Magazine
Brooklyn’s Zubin Hensler is twig twig who readies the Normal Feelings EP for upcoming release sharing the electric-fuzzy sound + beat collage cordiality of Fade Away. With funky choices of keyboard presets, various spinning effects of the whimsical and surreal, with a soft nu-adult contemporary undercurrent; Fade Away is the perfect song to spend getting lost in an afternoon that feels like perpetual sunshine in a world of no night and no morning dawn.
Line of Best Fit
There is a unique quality in the composition of twig twig songs which evokes both a nihilistic outlook but also a sense of optimism. An emotive and delicate ballad, Fade Away showcases refinement and stark honesty in equal measure. Much like pillows or small furry animals, Hensler’s twig twig is a loving embrace; a sense of warmth and comfort; self effacing and, most importantly,a damn good listen.
Tryn Out is bedroom, wonky synth-pop, full of weird self-recorded samples like coins skipping down stairs, and sounds most like early Metronomy getting awkward with The Postal Service and Rudi Zygadlo (another great name) elbowing his way in for good measure. A.k.a. this is fucking awesome. It’s a love song, we think, layered with strange, and topped of with a lot of heart.
Clash Music
Brooklyn composer twig twig - real name Zubin Hensler - embraces the element of chance. New EP Normal Feelings is a case in point. The American artist utilises found sound, recording elements of everyday life and turning it into music. The results have a beautiful innocence, a fragrant naivety about them. Curious vignettes of sound that rumble in the memory, you can get a glimpse of this in 'Color Me'.
GoldFlake Paint
magical, its six tracks act like a kaleidoscope snapshot of his craft, a woozy scurrying of colours and patterns that twist and turn in almost unimaginable, and always unexpected, ways.

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